In 1997 while at Brooklyn College in New York City Leigh Rush Olson debuted Historic Workouts™ to blend her history degree with her professional fitness experience. Olson speed walked/jogged people around lower Manhattan's Financial District and pointed out various landmarks and monuments while discussing historical facts and anecdotes about NYC's ethnohistory. In 2017 Olson started Old Port Historic Workouts™ in Portland, Maine. Expect a total body workout in the great outdoors all while experiencing the area's rich history from 1632-present! If you're looking for an exciting, yet casual, walking tour of Portland's Old Port without the extra exercises, then check out Old Port Historic Walking Tours

Private tours and special group rates are available. Call 646-845-9714 or email for more information. Gift Certificates available.

Historic Workouts™ also offers Corporate Fitness, minus the history lesson, for employers throughout greater Portland and York County, Maine. Historic Workouts has a double entendre meaning that if you work hard in your fitness regimen then it will be a Historic Workout!

Leigh Rush Olson is a certified professional Fitness Instructor with the Athletics Fitness Association of America (AFAA), American Red Cross CPR certified, and a Portland History Docent with a BA in History from CUNY Brooklyn College. 

Founder of Historic Workouts - Leigh Rush Olson

Founder of Historic Workouts - Leigh Rush Olson

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